The Urmston Group Practice

MyMFT: Your Patient Portal

MyMFT is a new online web portal and mobile app that connects you to your MFT medical information. With MyMFT, you’ll have more access and control over this data than ever before.

No matter which of our hospitals you attend, MyMFT means you’ll have a safer, smoother and more efficient healthcare journey. You’ll also enjoy fast, secure access to your data, and be able to share that access with relevant caregivers and family members.

Best of all, MyMFT can be accessed using your personal computer, smartphone or tablet device, with features and benefits that will continue to grow over time!

Visit the MyMFT website for more information and sign up details MyMFT: Your Patient Portal – Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust


Date published: 15th November, 2022
Date last updated: 15th November, 2022