The Urmston Group Practice

0161 755 9870 (all calls recorded)

Community Midwives

Work with the doctors to provide care for mothers before and after delivery and care of the baby for the first fortnight of life.

District Nurses

Provide nursing treatment to the housebound and patients recently discharged from hospital. They also run sessions at Woodsend Clinic daily between 14:00 and 15:00, Monday to Friday (except Bank Holidays). … [continue] District Nurses

Health Visitors

Visit all families with children under five years of age. They provide information, health promotion, advice and support to all age groups. Telephone: 0161 748 2820

Macmillan Nurses

Visit and care for patients living with cancer in their homes and gives advice and support to their families. Telephone: 0161 746 2080

Social Services

Social Serviceshelp with all kinds of social problems. Telephone: 0161 912 519 Fax: 0161 912 5127 /5128 Minicom: 0161 912 5129