Online Access to Medical Records

There are different levels of online access available to patients. Registration for access to medical records can be made in person or online ( photo ID required.

  • Basic: Repeat Prescriptions and Summary Information
  • Detailed Coded Record: Appointments, Repeat Prescriptions and Detailed Coded Record Access

Basic Access

If you wish to apply for basic online access to your medical records please contact the surgery for more information or complete the request form below and return to the surgery.

You can also now see new information that is added to your online health record. This information includes notes from your appointment as well as test results and any letters about future appointments. You can see this through the NHS App, website or another health app such as Patient Access.

Basic Access Online Registration Form

Please note that to access your records online you will be requested to provide ID verification to ensure that users have a legitimate right to view the health records.

Detailed Coded Record Access

You will need Basic online access before requesting Detailed Coded Record access.

The practice will not automatically grant access to Detailed Coded Record Access.

Patients wanting access to their Detailed Coded Information must complete and submit a DCR Patient Online Access Application Form which is available below.

We also have a Patient Information Leaflet which provides more detail on this online access service (below), copies are also available from reception.

Information Leaflet – Online Access to Medical Services

What are detailed coded records?

Detailed coded records hold medical information; GPs access this when in an appointment. This includes information about:

  • Demographics
  • Conditions/diagnoses,
  • Medications
  • Allergies
  • Immunisations
  • Results
  • Values (like blood pressure)
  • Coded information about procedures, referrals and consultations.
  • Some administrative information is also coded in the patient record.

Documents attached to the record, like letters, and free text are not always included.

Detailed Coded Record Access Request Form

Proxy Access

Proxy online access is not currently available for patients aged between 12-15 years old unless a clinician decides it is in the child’s best interest.

Information Leaflet – Proxy Access