Access To Medical Records

Data subjects have the right to have access to data held on them using a Subject Access Request (SAR) process and withdraw existing consent to access and use of their data by an organisation.

There is no set format for submitting a Subject Access Request. It can be done in writing, in person or over the phone; however to assist the process the Practice recommends that our Subject Access Form is completed (below).

Data will only be released to the subject therefore it is imperative that the subject is identified. Where the Practice has not retained copies of patient’s identity, due to legacy regulation pertaining to identification and retention of records, patient will be asked to verify their identity prior to data being released.

Prior to the release of documents, the Practice has a legal duty to review them and remove any information that identifies third parties or may cause harm or distress to the subject. The Practice has an obligation to provide information requested through a Subject Access Request within 28 days.

Alternatively, if you are already an online user, you can request limited access to your detailed coded records by completing a dedicated form within the online systems.

Subject Access Request Form